by Cheem / Budris

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released May 28, 2016

This split was recorded and produced by Gabe Weitzman at the Hartt School of Music Studio B, WSAM radio station (with Casey Comeroski), and Gabe's parents' house.

CHEEM SIDE: All songs written by Cheem

Skye Holden - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Nazaretian - Vocals
Gabe Weitzman - Guitar
Sean Thomas - Drums
RJ Briggs - Bass

John Zaccaria & Pat Budris - Backing vocals on 'Migraine''
Ben Martines - Shaker on 'Sigh'
Sam Smith - Auxiliary instruments on 'Migraine'

BUDRIS SIDE: All songs written by Budris

Pat Budris - Guitar, Vocals
John Zaccaria - Guitar, Vocals, Bass on 'We are Clouds'
Eric Carney - Drums

Skye Holden - Bass on 'Sappy' and 'Sticky Shoes'
Austin Traver - Vocals on 'Sticky Shoes'


all rights reserved



Cheem Hartford, Connecticut

A "band" from "Connecticut"

Sam Nazaretian
Skye Holden
Gabe Weitzman
Nate Porter
Sean Thomas

Email us at ben@beansmgmt.com


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Track Name: Sigh
Try to see past this long night
You're so conditioned to be scared of candlelight
And there's nothing much I can really do
There's nothing much I can say to you
And if I cared, I would leave

Why is it so weird? Didn't ask it to be like this
So why is it so weird?

Remember when you said it'd never get better?
And nothing ever did
And the more I fight for this not to matter
It matters more and more and more

Remember when you said you'd never get better,
And how you never did?
Track Name: Migraine
Don't ask me how I'm doing

I feel you in these sheets, a ghost to believe in
A stranger spoke to me and said to stop dreaming
My hand is on your leg, my tongue is lying
My brain has got you down to a perfect science

Don't ask me how I'm doing

I perceive a threat in all of the happiness
That got you out of bed

Don't ask me how I'm doing
I'll start and end it all in the same breath

How are you doing?
Track Name: American School for the Football
I've been saying sorry for too damn long
Home was never the place we stayed upon
We ran along, because it is our fault

Clench these hands in fists for my entire life
We speak, your tongue leads me to a better place
I've been waiting for this my whole life
I hope you'll have things to say
Read my palms and talk about a better life
Not so sure it's something that I want to know
I've been waiting for this my whole life
I hope you'll have things to say

I lost you, too long ago
Track Name: We Are Clouds (Budris)
I'll be without forever, our compounds breaking down
But we'll sit together today, try to lift up off the ground

Cause I want to be, need to be
Behind your teeth and underneath

Whenever we see silence, we'll greet it with a glare
Cause what really is there to lose? Next time we meet, be bodiless

I'll idolize the deep green smile as you walk into my bedroom
The words spread out across the sky will fill up all the other room
Again I sigh, with no reply, her eyes tell me there's nothing new
But the words spread out across the sky will break that glassy glare for you

It means nothing to need nothing now
It means nothing, need nothing with me

I'll keep these mannerisms as souvenirs
To help my focus shift from thoughts that will never be clear
Its just a monkey that's stomping around in the leaves
So let it seethe, well let it be
Let it seethe, now please let it be
Track Name: Sappy (Budris)
Never would I think I'd lose my hands to a girl that's smaller than me
Drove all that way for things to change

You were definitely the most interesting thing to come all winter
To be fair, it's only starting
Track Name: Sticky Shoes (Budris)
You pull apart my heart so you can poke and prod it
We take off our clothes but you can't tell a soul

I'm like the chalk the rain washes off your sidewalk
It's all useless I try and tell myself this

I'll step on you and you'll stick to my shoes

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